Slow Beginnings

Pet Theory is a labor of love and procrastination. Sort of Seinfeld meets Ordinary Victories meets The Wonderful World of Gumball. It updates every Wednesday.


This comic journey started out as poor man's alternative to creating a sitcom. Why spend millions of dollars on actors, sets, and cameras when you can create a web comic and draw everything yourself? Isn't that SO much easier? Isn't a web comic the perfect vehicle for a misanthrope who prefers working in his underwear, finds commuting stressful, and believes reading the Yahoo! comments section is more than sufficient exposure to the human race? (Side note: Why am I getting so many articles on transgender issues and birch beer?)


Three years later and I'm wondering if I should have just joined a bowling league. Everything is easy—until, that is, you actually start the work. Then it's far more effort than you ever imagined and a crash course in your own limitations. You question your ability to write, design, and draw. Worse, you question your own taste level and relevance. And you're pretty sure you should have conceived of something with stick figures or clip art.

Oh well... No looking back now. Pet Theory, for better or worse, is my own pet theory on the world we live in. The hypocrisy, the insecurity, the agony, and, of course, the ECSTASY.


J.R. Hochman

P.S. Coming soon, Artist Flair on  Reddit.